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As an independent business owner and dreamer, Julie W. knew that giving a face to a place like an assisted living home required thoughtful consideration. The Roosevelt House was no exception. After four years of dreaming up the home concept, Julie knew the home needed unique representation that would stand out among large conglomerate Adult Homes. It needed an identity that would convey the love and uniqueness of this independently owned assisted living community, while also fitting into the rural, close-knit setting it resides in.

After four years of dreaming up the home concept, Julie knew the home needed unique representation that would stand out among large conglomerate Adult Homes.


The goal was to create a brand that would evoke the comforting feeling one gets when they smell fresh bread baking, with “Home” being the central theme. Our idea to achieve our design goal was to keep it simple: “Adding heart to all we do” became the tagline and central feel. The culture of the staff is whimsical and the care given inside is loving, and Julie wanted the same feeling to be conveyed thru the company identity.


Our creative journey culminated in an identity that emanates a sense of comfort – a harmonious blend of soothing tones and a logo that evokes the familiar sight of a quaint residential sign, complete with the family’s name and year of establishment. The typography’s gentle flow adds a touch of whimsy and reassurance to the overall composition.

This collective vision has materialized into a brand identity that becomes the very embodiment of The Roosevelt House’s essence – a haven that pulsates with care and compassion, a true sanctuary for its cherished residents.


When it comes to promoting this embodiment, we devised a strategic marketing plan that revolved around active community engagement, manifested in the form of an engaging “Open House” event. The groundwork preceding the event was meticulously laid to ensure a profound impact.

The outcome exceeded expectations, drawing in a crowd of over 300 friends, families, and community members from all walks of life. This collective embrace echoed the resonance of our brand identity, a testament to our successful integration within the community’s fabric. Notably, our efforts translated into tangible results, as evidenced by an impressive initial occupancy rate of one-fourth capacity in the inaugural days of operation.


Services we provided our client with on this project:

Brand Development
Creative Direction
Web Development
Social Media Marketing

What Clients Are saying

Having Alexandra as our Marketing Manager has been invaluable to the growth and success of my Assisted Living Community. Her contributions go far beyond marketing, encompassing a profound understanding of the PEOPLE aspect that’s integral to our community's thriving environment. With her natural inclination for innovation, she has collaborated closely with us to infuse a culture of quality into our in house processes as well. Her impact on my life and the community has been truly significant.”

Julie W.
The Roosevelt House Assisted Living Community

CMG Real Estate partnered with A.Sous Designs to rebrand our company and design our website. It was important to us to work with a local company and Alexandra was wonderful to work with. She met with us on multiple occasions and helped us focus on the image that we wanted to portray. We have been involved in this process prior to this current rebranding, and her expertise in creativity, marketing and web design is second to none. Alexandra has reached out to us on several occasions since our initial launch of the new company to see if there was anything else we needed. Her ongoing support is valuable beyond measure. We would have no hesitation in recommending Alexandra Sous and A. Sous Designs.

Heidi Chasnis
CMG Real Estate & Management

Our new Logo and Identity System has actually freshened our whole outlook on our public image and business model, as well. The entire process with Alexandra infused spirit, along with new & fresh ideas to liven up our old school habits after 25 years in business!

Tim A.
Tri-City Blinds

Working directly with Alexandra has been a wonderful experience. Her ability to reflect my business goals through my new website and to deliver them with ease & quality means a lot to me as a business owner. She went above my expectations!

Dr. Fred K
Kapteyn Optometry

I was looking for a company that could hit deadlines and bring a fresh creativity factor to the table and A. Sous Designs did not disappoint! Not only are deadlines always met but they know what I need before I do and that makes my life so much easier. Client for life!

Drew R.
Give Back Prints/Deep Rooted Clothing

Imagination brought to life! Working with Alex is like having a true partner in my business. She is very enthusiastic and good at seeing your vision. Her interpretation of my ideas were better than I could imagine. Alex helped give my Online Collectibles business an identity that I am very proud of.

Phil H
Open Binders Collectable Cards